Aprilaire Products offered by Dan Donnelly Heating and Cooling:
  • Automatic Humidifiers
  • High Efficiency Air Cleaners
  • Zone Control Systems
  • Electronic Thermostats
  • Fresh Air Exchangers
  • Automatic Humidifiers
Heated air often lacks the necessary moisture to keep your skin soft, your furniture and woodwork from cracking, and your home static-free. The break-through technology featured on Aprilaire - the world's first completely automatic humidifier - uses your heating system to automatically distribute safe, comfortable, humidified air to every room in your home.
High Efficiency Air Cleaners
For home cleanliness and allergy relief, the Aprilaire Air Cleaner filters out up to 99% of pollen and spores, while scouring out dust and other pollutants. It works silently with no added electricity, through a simple, yet highly efficient media, and can be fitted to virtually any existing furnace or air conditioner.
Zone Control Systems
The Aprilaire Zone Control System creates up to four heating or cooling zones in your home to combat the uneven distribution of conditioned air. By customizing your thermostat settings for each zone, based on your lifestyle, you can save energy and money, while increasing comfort in each area of your home.
Electronic Thermostats
One of the simplest ways to cut your heating and cooling bills is to install an Aprilaire Electronic Thermostat. It can be programmed to adjust your home's temperature up to four times a day based on your schedule and your lifestyle. The award-winning design and unparalleled style provide beauty you can appreciate every day.
 Fresh Air Exchangers
With today's "tighter," energy-efficient homes, proper ventilation is even more important for both comfort and safety. The Aprilaire Fresh Air Exchanger exchanges stale indoor air for fresh outdoor air using a heat exchanger that recovers 77% of energy in the process.

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